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I got a last-minute invitation to a wedding, this last weekend. I knew that my friends April and Doug were getting hitched, but they were doing a small ceremony, pretty much with just their families. At the last minute, though, someone had to cancel, so they asked me. I was glad I got to go. I haven't seen either of them much in the last year or so, but once upon a time, the bride was one of my my 'inner core' of clubbing buddies.
I hadn't thought of this fact for a long time, but she and I both ended our first marriages around the same time. We met, a couple of months later, in similar states of mind: a little baffled at the turn our lives had taken, but grateful for our second chances, and determined to make the best of it all. It seems like a lifetime ago, now, but getting to share that with somebody meant a lot to me. It gave me a lot of hope. So, I was glad I got to be there, for both of them. They've both been good friends when I've most needed good friends, and the wedding made a really nice moment in that story.


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