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22-year old Katie Spotz has just become the youngest person ever to row across the Atlantic, solo. I'm just spreading the word because rowing across the Atlantic solo rules. I heard a snippet of an interview she did, today, and to hear her talking about the fish and turtles and dolphins that would follow her around, and getting seventy-something consecutive days worth of sunrises and sunsets all to herself, I'm halfway tempted to plot something like that, myself. (Granted, she went out in something a little more seaworthy than the Imperforable*, but still.)

I don't really go in for sports celebrity, but this kind of undertaking does impress me. I love hearing about people taking on cool challenges just for the challenge of it. She says one of her goals was to raise funds for, a non-profit that funds projects to bring safe drinking water to communities without. I'll definitely chip in for that.

That 'youngest' title is held by a slight margin - I know Paul Ridley was 25 when he made the trip last year, and all of the eighty-something people to attempt it have been fairly young. Rowing for two or three months solid isn't anybody's idea of retirement, I guess. In my book, they're all badasses. So, well done.

(*: My command, the HMS Imperforable, commissioned 2006. The terror of the reservoir.)

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