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I don't know what that's about. But we went to the San Diego zoo! More photos in a bucket.


Sep. 8th, 2009 07:05 am
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Another awesome weekend in the drizzly northwest with my sweetheart. Now it's back to my routine, and I miss her already, but I had a great time.

Things I learned this weekend:
-A very basic waltz pattern
-The layout of the South part of Portage Bay, as seen from a 2-person kayak
-My girlfriend has good taste in friends
-Bananagrams is the same game as speed scrabble
-When Audra is working on her laptop and we're sitting on the couch and she hooks her legs over mine and leans into the arm of the couch, and I get to listen to her typing and talking to herself while the rest of the world goes on, I feel just about home
-I am impatient

Also: Nick picked me up at the airport, and we found Jesus.
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I get to go see Audra today! I've been looking forward to this trip all month. Vegas: You're in charge while I'm away. Try to behave yourself.
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C: Jeez, first yours, then my brother's, then my dad's, then your mom's. Lots of September birthdays!
A: September babies are common.
C: I guess.
A: It is because December is a good month for staying in bed.
C: Every month is a good month for that, dear. :) December just isn't good for anything else.
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Hey, I haven't updated this thing in about 4 weeks, have I? Life's still good! I just finished my English class and school is awesome. Just at the moment, I'm in Seattle with Audra, riding the Bainbridge ferry, just for the fun of it. Back Sunday. If you're lucky. :)


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