May. 30th, 2010

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1) I suddenly caught the lyrics in the first verse of Bauhaus' Endless Summer of the Damned, this morning, where it goes "So this: a form of patricide/ in which the children also die". I'm a geek for lyrics, and Peter Murphy is hit-and-miss, for me, but I like that one.

2) I finally got around to listening to IAMX's Kingdom of Welcome Addiction, and I really like it. They're one of those bands where I only buy their albums to encourage them to tour (they're high on my list of favorite live bands,) but this is getting closer and closer to something I'd buy anyway. With the tiny exception of the Sneaker Pimps' Bloodsport, I think every album Chris Corner has made has come out better than the one before it. That makes me happy.

3) In preparation for the move to Seattle next month, I've been getting rid of stuff as un-sentimentally as I can. I'm down to about a box of keeper books, and all of my furniture is getting adopted out, and the resulting pile of stuff to move is rapidly approaching something I could fit in a car. CDs, though, have been a problem. There's just no used market for them, now! I don't actually need them - my entire music collection is digital, and has been for years, but I really hate the idea of throwing away all of my CDs. I think the solution is going to be two piles: One for CDs that I want to have around, just as a collection, even though I don't 'need' them, and the other will be a sad pile of hard-living experimental industrial music that I'll just dump on Salvation Army in the middle of the night and be done with. Wish me luck.


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